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What is StormFiber?

StormFiber is Pakistan’s most reliable Fiber To The Home (FTTH) internet, television and telephone services provider with a high scale and reliable network spanning across Pakistan. We are backed by Cybernet, a part of Lakson Group of Companies and one of the pioneers of broadband services in Pakistan. Every day, thousands of customers experience high speed internet, crystal clear voice services and high definition television through the power of our Fiber Optic Network.

What is Fiber Optic?

Fiber optics is the most dependable infrastructure for telecommunications. Fiber is a pure glass based medium and superior to both conventional wireless and copper based wired mediums.

How is StormFiber different from other internet service providers?

StormFiber’s infrastructure allows internet signals to be broadcast till your home through its fiber optic structure. With our Fiber to the Home service, you receive consistent speeds that are more reliable than traditional broadband. Other ISP entities use copper to cover the last mile to your home which is a non-reliable medium. StormFiber has deployed fiber optic cables that give you greater data security, reliable connectivity and consistent speeds.

What makes StormFiber’s infrastructure unique?

StormFiber’s infrastructure is deployed by the best telecommunications minds in Pakistan. We have deployed our fiber optic cable in accordance to international standards. This ensures protection and resistance against environmental hazards. Our fiber network is designed to automatically detect any loss in connectivity. As a result, our customers do not encounter issues when using our service.

How do I contact StormFiber for help?

You can email us at info@stormfiber.com or call us at 111-1-STORM (78676).

How scalable are your services?

Any package can be upgraded by the customer according to their needs. Our GPON fiber services support bandwidths up to 2.5 Gbps. Your package upgrade is only a click away from you. You just need to visit our web portal and request for bandwidth upgrade any time.

Can I get all the services on one device?

We have two devices to share with you and both are powered by state-of-the-art Wi-Fi services. However, one device will provide internet functionality only while the other shall have internet, TV and phone services available for your enjoyment.

Why am I facing poor indoor Wi-Fi coverage at my home?

For WI-FI signals coverage in homes, it happens because the signals from our triple play Optical Network Terminal (ONT) device might not be propagating to some parts of your home. The antennas of ONT have a certain transmission power and obstacles such as concrete walls, pillars and RCC Floors can cause the signal to weaken rapidly.

How can I improve my Wireless Signal Strength with bandwidth reliability inside my premises?

We recommend optimizing the placement of wireless Access Points (AP’s) and adding more AP’s or WI-FI routers to enhance WI-FI coverage . Make sure you connect the AP’s to StormFiber ONT using Ethernet cable (recommended cable type is Cat 6 or Cat 7) to one of the available Ethernet ports on the ONT

Can I use my own modem, router or any other device?

StormFiber provides you with its own smart GPON modem that powers your internet service. You stay connected despite power outages citywide.

What should I understand by the term ‘Fair Usage Policy (FUP)’?

StormFiber is offering Consumer Internet bandwidth with no volume cap or download limit presently. However FUP (Fair Usage Policy) as per rules and regulations of Pakistan Telecommunications Authority (PTA) are applied.

How do I get StormFiber for my home?

StormFiber is presently deploying in selected areas of Pakistan. As of now, we are inviting a few ‘exclusive neighborhoods’ to be part of our family. You can sign up through our website and register yourself for the service. Then, you can check if your neighborhood is part of our deployed network.

Will I receive a confirmation email after my connection has been accepted?

Absolutely! Once your connection has been registered in our system, you will receive a confirmation email.

How do I manage my StormFiber account?

Click on the Sign In button on the StormFiber website’s homepage. You will be directed to a self-service portal where you can manage your account.

How do I change my plan?

You can log on to your StormFiber portal and reselect your package. You will get a confirmation through an SMS on your registered mobile number and an email on your registered email address, notifying you about your plan change.

How and when will I be billed?

Your first bill will be generated immediately after account creation and service selection. Then from the next month onwards, you will be billed on the 1st of every month to be paid on or before 10th of that month. You can even download your invoice from your StormFiber portal.

What payment options do I have?

You can pay online via HBL Payment Gateway by logging into my.stormfiber.com or by visiting the nearest branch of Askari Bank, Faysal Bank, MCB Bank and UBL Omni to make your payment.

Will I receive a paper bill?

No, you will not receive a paper bill. Your bill will be emailed to you on your registered email address and details will be messaged to you on your registered mobile number via SMS.

How can I purchase a TV Service if I already have StormFiber’s internet service?

You can go on your StormFiber portal and purchase the TV service. Fair charges apply.

When can I ask for an upgrade or downgrade in my Promotion Plan(s) & Standard Packages?

You can ask for an upgrade/downgrade in your Promotion Plan after your promotion period has ended. The promotion periods may vary. In case of standard packages, the upgrades are processed instantly whereas the downgrades will be processed at the end of the month.

How many television sets can be connected to StormFiber Analog Feed?

You can connect two or three television sets to StormFiber Analog Feed. Splitting services between multiple sets may affect the picture quality.

How is StormFiber Television different from other service providers?

StormFiber gives you 200+ local and international channels and transmits cable signals over its optic lines. This gives you the best picture quality and maximum viewing pleasure.

Does StormFiber offer a package for only CATV Service?

We do not offer packages for only CATV service.

How can I start using Storm Phone services?

Our team deploys an Optical Network Terminal (ONT) for Storm Phone services at your premises. All you have to do is connect your Phone set using a RJ-11 cord to the ONT and start enjoying StormPhone.

How many telephone sets can be connected to Storm Phone Services?

You can connect 2 – 3 telephone sets to the StormPhone services. Splitting services between multiple telephone sets may affect the voice quality.

How is StormPhone different from any other landline services?

Unlike landline services, Storm Phone is backed by the GPON infrastructure due to which you can experience crystal clear voice quality with minimal interruptions.

Terms & Conditions

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